Nippon Go Japanese is a trademark of CPDV SUZURAN BUILDING Company established under the Decision No …. issued by the Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment and the digital training license … issued by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training, is one of the reliable and prestigious addresses in Japanese language training.

With a team of experienced and dedicated teachers, Nippon Go always strives to bring the best quality of teaching and learning to students. Not only that, the cooperation with prestigious universities in Japan such as Hokkaido University, Doshisya University, Sendai University … creates money so that Nippon Go can help students with excellent academic results. Association to Japan to study abroad.

Students who come to Nippon Go Japanese will be dedicated to answering your questions about studying and employment opportunities in Japan, as well as introducing and creating favorable conditions for students after graduation. The course can find jobs that suit your needs and abilities.

At Nippon Go Japanese, we are committed to bringing unique and effective learning solutions to help you succeed on your way to conquering Japanese.