Types of cherry blossoms in Japan

List of varieties and cherry varieties (picture book)! Summary of the number of types, flowering time and characteristics

Cherry blossom season begins in March.

Sakura is the symbol of Japanese beauty.

The appearance of cherry blossoms in full bloom and then falls seems to be filled with Japanese history and its aesthetics.

There are many kinds of such cherry trees, and the time of blooming, their colors and shapes are different.

In this column, I summarize the types, numbers, names and timing of Sakurai’s flowering.

Cherry blossoms are trees that live not only in Japan but in temperate regions throughout Asia.

In Japan, however, initial propagation has been carried out and initial development has been achieved.

There are hundreds of them, but they can be roughly divided into eight categories.

Name of classification
Mating naturally and bloomsA cherry tree is named after the nature they undergo. Some cherry trees are Yoshino cherry, double cherry tree, drooping cherry tree, …., and they are named after the way they bloom.
Choujizakura groupChoujizakura group has its own characteristic of flower shape which is largely like gaku cylinder and small petals. It is characterized by full bloomed petals that span 180 degrees and look like a letter. The cultivars that resemble butterflies similar to Choujizakura are called the Choujizakura group.
Hikanzakura groupThere are many types of Hikanzakura that are low to medium in height and not too noticeable. Varieties with similar ecosystems to Hikazakura or hybrids with Hikazakura correspond to this, and flowers bloom.
Edhiganzakura groupEdhiganzakura is a small and early blooming flower, one of the original species named to bloom at the time of the equatorial week. And the cherry blossoms close to the ecosystem of Edhigan Sakura are called Edhigans. It looks similar to Yamazakura, but differs in that the lower part of the calyx below the petals of Edhiganzakura bulges.
Yamazakura groupThe Yamazakura group is one of the wild, with its flowers and leaves blooming at the same time and blooming time with the famous Yoshino cherry tree.
Group of Miyama cherry treesMiyama cherry blossoms are characterized by small flowers blooming in clusters and gaku being bent to bloom.
Shinamizakura groupThe Shinamizakura group is a cherry tree which has seven types found in southwestern China. As a range, it will be a group of hybrids with chrysanthemum cherry blossoms or have an ecosystem similar to cherry blossoms.
Mamezakura groupMamezakura group is characterized by small petals and short trees. The flowers and leaves are small, and they are called “bean cherry” because of their characteristics. Some varieties bloom several times a year.