The time of cherry blossom bloom in 2020

Forecasting cherry blossoms in 2020, Cherry blossoms will bloom in western and eastern Japan. Finally blooming in every place 13:50 on April 2, 2020.

According to Weather News posted “In view of stopping the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have decided not to announce the release of news about the forecast of cherry blossoms blooming in the present time, due to the fact that In fact, the local government has urged self-restraint to avoid spreading corona virus to the community. “

The updated forecast for the time of flowering will also stop on March 25.

Weathernews announced on March 24, “Expected cherry blossoms will bloom for the 7th time in this cherry blossom season”.

The Yoshino cherry blossom tree this year begins on March 14 in Tokyo (Yasukuni Shrine), which recorded the earliest flowering since observation began in 1953.

In the Kanto region, where early flowering, it has finally bloomed this week. Flowering is expected to be slightly earlier or earlier than usual (average over the past 5 years). In Tohoku and Hokuriku, this may be a record-breaking place, but in southern Kyushu, bud sleep is delayed in southern Kyushu, and flowering time is expected to be a bit later than usual.

A major influence on the flowering time of cherry blossoms is “hibernation disruption,” in which hibernation flower buds start to regrow. Cherry blossom buds are made from hot summer to autumn, and once hibernate in the winter. Exposure to severe cold for a long time in the middle of winter causes flower buds to wake up after hibernation and begin to flower.

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