Measures and penalties to prevent the spread of corona in some localities of Vietnam

1. Penalty of Hanoi.

According to the report, the Office of Justice of the Hanoi People’s Committee stated that the following penalties will be applied as a measure against new coronavirus (quoted from the main points):

(1) Those who do not wear a mask in a public place: a fine of up to VND 300,000

(2) Litterers use masks in public places, on roadsides and on streets: Fines of up to 7 million VND

(3) Those who hide themselves or have other people infected with corona: A fine of up to VND 2 million

(4) Individuals and groups that do not comply with measures to temporarily close and stop providing public food services: up to VND 10 million and VND 20 million respectively.

(5) Individuals and organizations that do not comply with the restrictions on crowding in public places: fines of VND 10 million and VND 20 million, respectively.

(6) Those who do not comply with medical examination and observation measures taken before entering and leaving the infected area: a fine of up to VND 20 million

(7) Evading the quarantine facility, failing to comply with quarantine regulations, refusing quarantine and mandatory quarantine measures: a fine of up to 10 million VND.

(8) Those who post untrue information on the Internet: Fine of up to VND 15 million

(9) Criminal law may apply where the person referred to in (7) above or makes a medical report intended to infect others or in (8) above.

2. Check the whole city.

According to the report, Hanoi has set up checkpoints at 30 locations in the city. At inspection points,

(1) a new coronavirus rapid test,

(2) vehicle inspection,

(3) safety instructions and publicity for infection prevention.

For the location of the test point, please refer to the following report.

3. Limited access to Hai Phong city

On the evening of April 4, the Hai Phong City Guidance and Response Committee COVID 19 issued Official Document No. 2449 on April 4, issuing the following guidelines.

(1) After April 3, if a person who does not meet the requirements of the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 16 enters Hai Phong City from a circulation area, he or she will request a group separation (chi). separate fee).

(2) Vehicles leaving the city must be certified by the Chairman of the ward People’s Committee (district). Vehicles entering the city must be certified by the head of the checkpoint (Traffic Police Division).

(The Confirmation Group’s Form is posted on the following website of Hai Phong People’s Committee as an attachment to Official Document No. 2449. For vehicles entering the city, this form is also assigned broadcast at checkpoints).

(3) In the case of a truck, only one driver + 1 person may enter the city and if this exceeds, they will be transferred to a group isolation facility. Persons who have completed medical quarantine in other provinces and cities may enter the city with a certificate of expiration of the quarantine, but are obliged to comply with COVID19 preventive measures.

(4) Companies that do not maintain a distance of 2 meters or more between employees will be suspended. The head of the Economic and Industrial Zone conducts a survey and reports it to the City People’s Committee on April 4, and the City People’s Committee (county) conducts a survey of other companies. in the city. Reporting with results-based, a decision is made to suspend the operation for the infringing company.

(5) All taxi services in the city will be stopped and the park will be closed.