Japanese interpreting is one of the professions that require people who do this job to have a good level of Japanese and the translation skills necessary to meet the requirements of the occupation. If you are passionate about translation, with or without a basic Japanese background, then what you need to do now to be able to translate Japanese texts and conversations is that you should look for a Japanese translation course. for myself.


For Japanese translators, the first two skills that any Japanese translator must master are listening and speaking. Fluent in Japanese, knowledgeable in native speaker speaking. Be sure to understand the slang words and dialects that Japanese people use frequently when communicating. In addition, the ability to reflect Japanese quickly, can adapt to situations that arise when translating. Next is the ability to read and write Japanese text at least. Interpreting is the bridge between the two languages. In addition to being good at Japanese, fluent communication, it is imperative that the ability to express in Vietnamese must also be easy to understand. Besides, translators also require soft skills that translators need to master.


  • Students who are interested and passionate about translating
  • Interpreters have not gone through professional training schools
  • Japanese secretaries, assistants and other related workers use Japanese at work.
  • Students majoring in Japanese
  • Students have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to N3 or higher.

Objectives of the course:

* Standard pronunciation, providing a comprehensive overview of Japanese – Vietnamese, Vietnamese – Japanese translation profession.

* Confidence, reflexes in translation

* Year of basic translation skills.


STT Programme Time
Session Properties


Opening schedule


Time Day Start Day

End Date


18h – 20h

2, 4



10h – 12h

6, 7



  • Understand the basic skills of translators.
  • Train and hone Interpretation skills.
  • Conversation translation skills.
  • Public speaking skills.
  • Skills to handle difficult situations.
  • Parallel translation skills cabin
  • Skills to handle unexpected situations at work.

Đánh giá

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Thông tin khóa học:

Japanese course translator

Tuition:   2,400,000 VND
Includes document fees, and certificates.


✅ 50% discount on all courses + 10 free sessions for the next course when you enroll in June.

✅ 30% discount when enrolling in July + 5 free lessons for the next course.

✅ Free the first lesson.

– Opportunity to travel to Japan for 7 days.

– Participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school on weekend or day off.

Address: No. 32, Lane 4, Dang Van Ngu, Trung Tu, Dong Da, Hanoi.


Tel:    024 3202 6070 – 024 3202 6080


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