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Today, foreign languages play an important role in our lives. From primary education, foreign language has become a compulsory subject. In addition, parents have given their children access to foreign languages when they were in kindergarten. Besides English, Japanese is gradually asserting its attraction to Vietnamese students recently. Never before, teaching Japanese to children and elementary school students has become popular again and is a matter of great concern to many parents.

Why is Japanese language education for children in Vietnam so high?

With a huge volume of famous comic names, associated with childhoods of children like Naruto, Conan, Doremon … and adapted into a cartoon that is loved by many Vietnamese kids like Pokemon, famous detective Conan, One Piece … Japanese has come into the minds of Vietnamese children very early.

Today, many wise Vietnamese mothers tend to teach their children in the Japanese way because this is a country with advanced education, elementary school students are taught to be independent very early.

Right from the age of 2, 3 years old, Japanese children have learned to keep things organized and self-conscious in learning. To learn the culture of a country, it is necessary to learn the foreign language of that country.

Language learning is always parallel to the cultural learning of that country. Learning Japanese helps Vietnamese children know more about the customs and practices of a modern and civilized country like Japan. Teaching Japanese to children at an early age creates opportunities and conditions for children to learn and practice Japanese responsible and scientific working styles. Especially the precious humility and patience in their daily conduct, will help shape a good personality for Vietnamese children in the future.

With a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are knowledgeable about Japan and the people of Japan, combining teachers from the land of the rising sun, we are confident to bring the best knowledge to the children. In particular, understanding the age psychology of the children, we have designed extremely lively lectures, inspiring small students. Learning by playing, playing but learning, that is the motto that is applied throughout the teaching process at the center.


  • Babies aged 6 – 12 years old.
  • Want to learn and participate in learning Japanese culture.

Course objectives:

  • Help children to get acquainted with Japanese language
  • Basic communication
  • Help be trained in the good virtues of Japanese people


No Curriculum Duration
Session Secretion



Opening schedule


Time Day Start Day End Day


15h – 17h

3, 5


18h – 20h

3, 5


8h – 10h

15h – 17h


NH.104 8h – 10h

18h – 20h




  • Read and write Hiragana
  • Can introduce yourself
  • Communicate simple sentence patterns.
  • Learn how to read by day-month, counting.
  • Know the vocabulary of colors and food.
  • Learn traditional Japanese culture: folding paper, making rice balls, learning to dance traditional dances, …
  • Learn Japanese communication: thank you, sorry, Japanese children’s songs, ….

Thông tin khóa học:

Japanese language courses for children

Tuition:  3,200,000 VND
Includes document fees, and certificates.


✅ 50% discount on all courses + 10 free sessions for the next course when you enroll in June.

✅30% discount when enrolling in July + 5 free lessons for the next course.

✅ Free the first lesson.

– Opportunity to travel to Japan for 7 days.

– Participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school on weekend or day off.

Address: No. 32, Lane 4, Dang Van Ngu, Trung Tu, Dong Da, Hanoi.

Email :

Tel : 024 3202 6070 – 024 3202 6080



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