Over the past 10 years, Japan has continuously recruited a large number of nurses to serve the health sector. According to statistics, Japan is expected to recruit between 400,000 and 600,000 nurses and nurses just to take care of the elderly.

The reason this number is so high is because Japan is in a state of population aging, a serious shortage of labor in all fields in general and in particular the household.

The number of domestic nurses can only meet a small part compared to the current huge demand. This is also the reason why the Japanese government has launched many more open-door policies to recruit more nurses from other countries. In particular, the number of nurses is a special priority for workers from Vietnam.

Nippon Go offers nursing Japanese language courses to meet the needs of learning Japanese for nursing for students in need. In addition to studying, students are also directed to work for the future and introduce jobs if they need them.

Participants :

*  Students who have been studying nursing, nursing and not yet learning Japanese

*  Students who have majored in nursing and nursing have learned Japanese equivalent to N4.

Objectives of the course:

* Provides the most comprehensive view in the nursing profession in Japan.

* Train and hone professional skills in nursing.

* Skills to handle unexpected situations at work.

* Learn the culture of casual communication with patients.

* Learning is specialized communication with other colleagues.

* Good listening and communication before coming to Japan.


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  • Practice nursing skills.
  • Skills to handle unexpected situations at work.
  • Learn the culture of communication with patients.
  • Learning is professional communication with other peers.
  • Before coming to Japan, you can communicate, listen and understand Japanese well.

Thông tin khóa học:

Japanese nursing course

Tuition:   9,000,000 VND
Includes document fees, and certificates.


✅ 50% discount on all courses + 10 free sessions for the next course when you enroll in June.

✅ 30% discount when enrolling in July + 5 free lessons for the next course.

✅ Free the first lesson.

– Opportunity to travel to Japan for 7 days.

– Participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school on weekend or day off.

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Tel:    024 3202 6070 – 024 3202 6080

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