In N2 course, you will be carefully prepared for vocabulary, kanji, grammar and sentence analysis. Know how to write, read, and fluently use Chinese characters. Japanese Nippon Go focuses on the standard Japanese pronunciation to help you with confidence, quick reflexes in communication, creating intonation in communication. When Japanese is equivalent to N2, communicate fluently with Japanese in work and daily life.

In Nippon Go, when you complete and have an N2 certificate, you have many opportunities to go to Sunrise. For those who have a nursing degree and an N2 degree with the opportunity to study and work in hospitals in Japan, there will be the opportunity to work for a long term in Japan. In addition, students at the center also have the opportunity to go to Japanese universities under the student exchange program. Our center will introduce students wishing to come to Japan with schools and hospitals. After that, Japanese schools will talk directly with students.


No Curriculum Duration
Session Secretion
1 Study the sentence pattern
2 Learn vocabulary
3 Learn Chinese characters
4 Practice reading comprehension
5 Practice listening
6 Communication
7 Learn Japanese culture
8 Inspection and evaluation.



Time Day Start Day End Date
N2.101 10h-12










    • Fluent in over 2,000 Chinese characters
    • 2000 – 3000 vocabulary
    • Fluent in communication
    • Listening, Reading, Translating books, newspapers, watching movies.
    • Opportunity to work at Japanese companies at home and abroad.

    Students’ rights:

    • Has assessment and certification of the Center.
    • Opportunity to work in nursing hospitals in Japan.
    • Opportunities under the student exchange program in Japan.
    • Opportunity to travel to Japan for 7 days

Thông tin khóa học:

N2 General Japanese course

Tuition: 6000,000 VND
Includes document fees, and certificates.


✅ 50% discount on all courses + 10 free sessions for the next course when you enroll in June.

✅ 30% discount when enrolling in July + 5 free lessons for the next course.

✅ Free the first lesson.

– Opportunity to travel to Japan for 7 days.

– Participate in extracurricular activities organized by the school on weekend or day off.

Address: No. 32, Lane 4, Dang Van Ngu, Trung Tu, Dong Da, Hanoi.


Tel:   024 3202 6070 – 024 3202 6080

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